Terms & conditions
  1. General
    • These general terms and conditions ("Terms") apply to orders for subscriptions and digital services via Svenska Bioenergiföreningens Service AB ("SVEBIO") org no. 556232-3682 and its trademarks Bioenergi tidningen and Bioenergy International.
    • The general terms and conditions apply between the customer (hereinafter referred to as "the customer") and Svenska Bioenergiföreningens Service AB with its trademarks (hereinafter referred to as "Bioenergi tidningen and Bioenergy International").
  2. Orders
    • By ordering a subscription and / or digital service, the customer accepts the organization's Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) and thereby undertakes to follow these.
  3. Order confirmation
    • When Svenska Bioenergiföreningens Service AB receives an order, an order confirmation is sent to the customer via e-mail. The order confirmation informs the customer about what kind of subscription has been ordered, its price and confirms this.
  4. Payment and payment terms for new subscription
    • The order is binding and payment is made by either (i) invoice with thirty (30) day due date, (ii) by bank card, or by (iii) Swish.
  5. Prices
    • Amounts are stated, exclusive and inclusive Value Added Tax (VAT), in Swedish Crowns (SEK). The shopping cart checkout displays the total price including VAT and other possible applicable fees.
  6. Card payment
    • Card payment is handled by Swedbank Pay. Accepted credit and debit cards are Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. Debit cards are debited directly upon purchase.
  7. Renewal of an existing subscription
    • All Svenska Bioenergiföreningens Service AB's subscriptions are self-terminating, i.e. the customer must renew their subscription themselves so that the subscription does not lapse. Svenska Bioenergiföreningens Service AB sends three requests for renewal of subscription before termination.
  8. Content and Copyright
    • It is part of Svenska Bioenergiföreningens Service AB's development work to continuously improve, change and restructure the content of the services provided. The purpose of any change is to improve services. In the event of extensive changes, Svebio will inform the customer about such work.
    • The content is protected by copyright, which means that it is not allowed to pass on, copy or otherwise distribute the material through electronic copies, transmission of content via e- mail, other digital transmission, fax or other means of communication, without special permission.
    • In the case of digital users, the content may be used by one personal user per registration. The customer may use physical printed magazines in accordance with general praxis regarding printed publications.
    • The customer does not have the right to post the content on a public website, internal intranet or link to content without a special agreement with Svenska Bioenergiföreningens Service AB.
    • Articles published on the websites may be shared via its link or social media sharing buttons on the site.
  9. Password and login
    • The login with password and user identity may not be passed on to other users. The customer is responsible for Svenska Bioenergiföreningens Service AB services are not used in violation of these Terms.
  10. Transfer
    • The customer can transfer a subscription to another person in the same organization. The customer must notify Svenska Bioenergiföreningens Service AB at the email address ekonomi@svebio.se with the customer's and the new replacement's contact information.
  11. Processing of personal data
    • General
      • Svenska Bioenergiföreningens Service AB handles customer registers linked to subscriptions, newsletters, training and conferences. The registers contain personal information such as name, postal address, telephone, delivery and payment and purchase information. The company's addresses are only linked to B2B activities.
    • Legal basis for the processing of personal data
      • For it to be legal to process personal data, there must be support for this in the regulation, so-called legal basis and that you have a "specific and clear" purpose. Legal basis can be consent, agreement, legal obligation, protection of fundamental interests, task of public interest and exercise of authority and finally balancing of interests. It is sufficient that one of these legal bases applies.
      • Svenska Bioenergiföreningens Service AB relies, in its capacity as a media company that produces relevant journalistic material that is important to the target groups, on balancing interests as a legal basis. When collecting or using data, the data subject is informed.
  12. Privacy Policy
    • The new Data Protection Regulation, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), entered into force on 25 May 2018 and aims to strengthen the integrity of the individual. We care about your privacy and want you to feel safe with how we handle your personal details.
      Read more about our privacy policy.
  13. Cookies
    • Cookies are used on the Svenska Bioenergiföreningens Service AB services. A cookie is a text file that is stored on the user's computer, and is then retrieved and read when you return to the site next time. We use cookies to improve the function of the websites, for example to make it possible to comment on articles, but also to be able to measure how many people have looked at a page and control how ads are displayed. If you want to know more about cookies, you can get more information on PTS's website.
    • Do I have to accept cookies?
      • If you do not want us or our partners to store cookies on your computer, you can turn off the option via your browser's security settings. You can read about how to do this on Google's support pages. However, this means that functionality on the site is limited and there is a risk that ads are displayed incorrectly.
      • If you want to temporarily prevent us or other sites from storing information in cookies until the next visit, you can use your browser's incognito mode, which automatically deletes all information when you close the browser.
      • For questions about cookies email info@svebio.se
  14. Contact
  15. Legal address
    • Svenska Bioenergiföreningens Service AB
      Kammakargatan 22
      SE-111 40 Stockholm

  1. Vision and business idea
    • Svenska Bioenergiföreningens Service AB (Svebio) is an environmental organization for companies and individuals. We are strongly grounded in our values. We believe in renewable energy, entrepreneurship and a free market economy.
    • Svebio speaks for general instruments that benefit all environmentally friendly types of energy as well as it benefits energy efficiency. We are positive about technical development and market economy.
    • Svebio's vision is to be the leading representative and an international role model for developing bioenergy in a sustainable society.
    • On an objective basis, Svebio shall promote and develop the use of bioenergy in an economically and environmentally optimal way, nationally and internationally. Svebio shall thus take care of the members' interests, and provide the necessary service.
    • Svebio will be a meeting place for companies, researchers, opinion leaders and decision- makers.
    • Svebio is a non-profit organization and open to anyone who wants to contribute to the association's goals being met.
    • Svebio operates through information, opinion formation and business policy influence. The information is provided through the publication of the magazine Bioenergi, the newsletter Bioenerginytt with Bioenergi i Pressen, Bioenergy International, website, reports, conferences and various types of information material. Opinion formation takes place through debate articles and press releases. Business policy influence takes place through consultation statements, courtships and personal contacts with politicians and authorities.
    • Svebio works for increased exports of Swedish bioenergy technology through collaboration in various export projects.